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One Of A Kind Miniature Characters & Custom OOAK Wings
This wing wiring technique is very simple to do. I am using 28-gauge black craft wire and the wings are made out of OHP transparency film covered with white silk.
Start by cutting your wire to about 2x the length of the top edge of your wing.
Now hold one end of the wire VERY tightly, while with the fingernails of your forefinger and thumb, drag them down the length of the wire a few times.
This will make the wire smooth and even down its length.
Now place one end of the wire up to the top edge of the wing and hold it down with your finger.
Now with your next finger, pull the wire and butt it into the edge of the wing.
Slide your finger along; making sure that the wire is pushed right up to the edge of the wing. And with your other finger, push the wire to shape it to the contours of the top edge of the wing.
You should be left with a pre-shaped length of wire like this.
Now place a small BLOB of Fabri-Tac glue onto the edge of a piece of paper.
Now DRAG the wire through the blob of glue. Only drag the amount of wire that will be touching the wing.
This method will give you a very even bead of glue along the length of the wire.
Now carefully place the wire onto the wing, right up to the very edge and pinch it to the wing assuring a good hold.
Make sure any glue that gets stuck to your fingers does not touch the wing. Usually by rubbing your fingers together, the glue will crumple off.
Repeat this process for the other wing sections.

At this stage I coat the wings with Paverpol sealant which also helps to make a better hold on the wire.
You can also add glitter to the edge of the wing to cover the wire.