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One Of A Kind Miniature Characters & Custom OOAK Wings
In this tutorial I will show you how to make some very nice and very simple transparent, iridescent cicada wings using OHP Transparency film and Fantasy film or iridescent Cello.

First I start by printing out my cicada wings onto an A4 sheet of OHP Transparency film.
You need as least two sets of wings for this project.
Roughly cut out two sets of wings and make sure that one set has been cut out smaller than the other by following the contours of the wings. Do NOT cut right up to the edges of the wings
Now cut out a piece of Fantasy film or iridescent florist cello big enough to cover the roughly cut out wing set
Now screw up the Fantasy film REAL GOOD. Keep screwing it up, un-raveling it and screwing it up some more.
Now un-ravel the Fantasy film and flatten it out
I'm now going to spray the first set of wings with a coat of SCOTCH WELD Spray Mount. I use this brand because it sprays out a fine mist of glue, unlike some cheaper brands that spray out strands of stringy glue.
Make sure that you only spray on the same side as the ink ( The rough side of the OHP film )
After spraying the wings, lay them down and wait for the glue to become tacky
Then lay the Fantasy film onto the glue covered wings and rub it in, pushing down firmly, making sure you get out any air bubbles.
I also fold a piece of paper over the wings and use my roller to squeeze out any air bubbles, but you can also use your fist if you don't have a roller.
This is what the wings should look like at this stage
Now spray the other set of wings with spray mount
Line up the second set of wings with the first set, sandwiching the Fantasy film in between them.
Lay them down gently ( do
NOT press them down too hard ) because you may need to re-position the wings.
Cut the wings into two sections and hold them up to the light. Line up the veins by sliding the wings around.
NOTE: you may need to pinch the wings together tightly to drag them around because the glue will be starting to set.
Now you can cut the wings apart
Pinch down all around the edges VERY HARD to make sure that you have a goods seal.
Cut out the wings using a small pair of scissors. Needle craft scissors are good for this
You now have four iridescent cicada wings ready for adding wire. Please download my WING WIRING tutorial for this.